Smart Slicer 2D is a powerful tool to modify 2D objects that are using 2D Colliders.

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● 10 Demo scenes 
● 4 Game scenes 
● Mobile friendly (very optimized) 
● Sprite Slicer (sprite sheet is supported) 
● Joints Slicer (destroy joints) 
● 2D Terrain Destruction 
● Supports concave & convex colliders with holes 
● Supports multiple joints attached to sliceable objects 
● Uses Box, Circle, Capsule, Polygon colliders 
● Outlined Sprites & 2D Meshes 
● Slice Particle Effects 
● Slice Sound Effects 
● Multiple controllers & Slicer2D components 
● Slice Events (contains information about the slice) 
● Slice Layers 
● Full C# Code API 
● 2D Geometry Helper API 
● Easy to setup (programming is not a necessity) 

Slicing Types 
● Trail Slicer (using TrailRenderer) 
● Linear slice (using 2 points) 
● Linear Cut slice (using 2 points and width) 
● Complex Slice (using points list) 
● Complex Cut Slice (using points list & width) 
● Complex Click Slice (adding points by clicking mouse) 
● Complex Tracked Slice (attach slice to the game objects) 
● Point Slice (point position & rotation) 
● Polygon Slice (cut-out a polygon) 
● Explode object 
● Explode object by point 
● Create Slice (draw a polygon to create) 
● & more stuff to play with! 

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